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Hollywood Walk of Fame licensing site.
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Official Hollywood Walk of Fame library is an accumulation of stills and videos from Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremonies. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has awarded over 2,500 stars to recipients in five categories — Motion Pictures, Television, Live Performance, Radio and Recording. It includes footage and stills from the Star ceremonies of thousands of celebrities including movie stars like Cate Blanchett and TV actors like Neil Patrick Harris, singers like Paul McCartney, and radio personalities like Ryan Seacrest and live performers like Penn & Teller.
Welcome to the
Reba Merrill licensing site.
The Reba Merrill licensing site features the work of the Emmy award-winning journalist who has traveled the world interviewing nearly a thousand A-list celebrities and movie stars. Always in high demand, her insightful interviews have been syndicated in over 60 countries. While interviewing many of Hollywood’s top stars for more than three decades, Reba has made her name as an interviewer who draws out powerful and intimate moments from these very public celebrities.